Commitment of Traders: Sell signal in my new COT indicator

Last year I already wrote about the Commitment of Traders (COT) reports and how they can be applied to improve trading results. I showed that for the S&P500 the Large traders are the ones to watch – because in this market they have the tendency to jump on the train right at the very end […]


Mid-November Low in S&P500

The following charts show how the planetary idicators could help to time the exit of the short position we entered at the quadruple ingress early October. The S&P500 (chart of the index) went  down to the Mars ephemeris line and bounced back the very day Mars had its ingress to Capricorn. Additionally we had a […]

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Book recommendation: Timing Solutions for Swing Traders

In this book Robert Lee and Peter Tryde show how financial astrology can be embedded in solid trading approaches without drifting into pseudo-scientific esoteric. It does not come up with some magic that tells you the price of a market in six months – no it helps to make good decision in the markets with […]


S&P: Time for a Turn?

A simple approach to use astro indicators is to wait for situations when several indicators deliver important signals at the same time – and then speculate for something important to happen. Often this ‘something’ is a turn in the markets. But one not forget about the option of a market breaking free. As shown in […]


Indication of Planetary Returns in Tradestation

The theory of Planetary Returns follows the notion that important situations in the life of a company, a country or a person repeat with a period that is determined by the time a planet needs to travel around the Sun or (virtually) the Earth. That means, when a planet is back at the same position […]


Paintbar Study Showing when a Planet is in a Certain Sign

I got the request to code a paintbar study that would paint the bars while a planet was in a certain sign. Say like when Mars is in Taurus? And here it is: It highlights the bar for which a planet (you can set) is in a certain sign. The example chart highlights Mars in […]


Bradley Siderograph 2012

Here is plot for the year 2012 of the geocentric default Bradley siderograph as described in Donald Bradley’s “Stock Market Prediction – The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It “. The plot was made with the [PI] Bradley indicator which it is part of the PlanetaryIndicators package for Tradestation. In case you do not […]


Commitment of Traders: Implications of Large Traders going short

Beside the various timing indicators presented on this page, I particularly have an eye on instruments describing the sentiment in the markets. One free and good source for sentiment data is the weekly Commitments of Traders report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. For several future markets it enumerates the positions of market participants […]


It’s Bradley Time

This weekend the geocentric Bradley indicator has the high for the year. At the same time (not coincidentally) my preferred planetary aspects indicator shows the highest activity since forever. The following chart shows both indicators and the S&P500 which is making new highs. Basically, it can be assumed that such a cluster of aspects will […]

On the Compatibility of the Planetary Indicators to MultiCharts

The Plantary Indicators have been developed in Easy Language (EL) for Tradestation (TS) platforms. Multicharts (MC) is somewhat compatible to the EL intepretation of TS. And to the best of my knowledge they comile and run without errors on MC starting from version 6. However, one function that does not work for most indicators is […]

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