• Simple TradeStation Strategy based on Planetary Indicators

    PlanetaryIndicators can be used to create trading systems working on planetary data.

    For the beginning I show a simple one. In two weeks (Jan 24th) Sun will be Trine to Saturn. Visual investigation (with [PI] Planet Pair) showed that the event often comes with a temporary top in stock markets. So how can we verify the observation? I create a Trading System that enters a long position one week before the event, turns it the day before the Trine and closes the Short a week later.

    The screen shot shows the setup and the result (click on the figure to zoom in).

    Strategy based on Planetary Indicators

    The applied strategy ([PI] PlanetPairStrat) is a general strategy for planet aspects. Just enter the aspect (in this case 3 for Sun and 6 for Saturn and 120 degrees) and the relative offset in days for the market action. For the buy rule the offset is -8 so we enter 7 days before the event (the enter rule is next bar at market).

    [PI] PlanetPairStrat is not yet part of the PI package, but it can be downloaded here:
    pi_strategy1001.ZIP (4kB)
    (The PI package has to be installed.)

    EDIT February:
    This time the strategy was not so much a success: The BUY part had -37 Points and the SELL part had +8 Points. Maybe next time (Mid May)
    Trade Jan 2010, 120degree Earth/Saturn

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