• Next Bradley Date

    There has been some confusion about the exact date of the next (this year’s high) Bradley turn date.

    I stated March 2nd while (highly appreciated) Amanita reports March 1st

    So what’s correct? Ok, first it does not really matter. Bradley is good but not such a great timer. However I applied the [PI] Bradley indicator (as it is part of the PlanetaryIndicaor Package) to a 5 minute chart and zoomed in to find the exact time of the Bradley high (see chart below). For New York (UTC -5) it’s exactly Midnight. So, East of NY the Bradley date is the 2nd while it’s the 1st in the West. Since my daily charts are UTC 0, my date is the 2nd (5am).

    Bradley March 2010

    The indicator in the chart is the Bradley as it is part of the PlanetaryIndicator package. It’s applied on a 5min chart, and I set “Bars to the right” to 2000 to see the March. Time Zone is set to -5 (i.e. UTC -5).

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