• This weekend’s Jupiter Ingress

    The Jupiter ingress coming this weekend is the third since January 2009 . The last two coincided exactly (!) with important medium term highs (see yellow lines in chart below). So it appears to be justified to assume a high within the next few days!?

    S&P 500 and Jupiter Ingresses since 2009

    The chart definitely suggests so, but extending the history reveals some interesting additional information. Since 1970 only two Jupiter ingresses coincided that exactly with medium term highs – the two we can see in the chart. All other 51 ingresses did not.

    Extending the orb to 10 days (before and after the ingress) at least we get 11 highs (and 4 lows). Following a simple logic this means the probability of a medium term high is 20% and just 7% for a low. In average (without any astro stuff) we could expect a 10% probability to see a MT high or low within a 10 day window.

    Notes: The results for short term cycles are even less indicative. It’s unlikely that a high within the next few days qualifies as medium term crest.

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