Heliocentric Bradley vs Gold and Bonds

The Bradley Siderograph ([PI] Bralkey) can be applied to a variety of markets – sometimes with amazing results. In this article you can see the geocentric Bradley with default settings, projected on a Gold (@GC) and Bonds (@TY) charts. The Bradley is red and the market price is white. The overlap for the last 4 […]

Bradley Siderograph 2012

Here is plot for the year 2012 of the geocentric default Bradley siderograph as described in Donald Bradley’s “Stock Market Prediction – The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It “. The plot was made with the [PI] Bradley indicator which it is part of the PlanetaryIndicators package for Tradestation. In case you do not […]

It’s Bradley Time

This weekend the geocentric Bradley indicator has the high for the year. At the same time (not coincidentally) my preferred planetary aspects indicator shows the highest activity since forever. The following chart shows both indicators and the S&P500 which is making new highs. Basically, it can be assumed that such a cluster of aspects will […]

Update 10/2011

After some time here are some charts, showing I’m still here and that the indicators work quite well in Tradestation 9. The charts show the current situation of the S&P500 ($INX). In the Delta chart we do not even need an adaptation of the Medium Time cycle (yellow areas in the chart). However, it seems […]

S&P and the five passages of the Saturn/Uranus Opposition 2008-10

Last week was the last of the five passages of the Saturn-Uranus opposition that started two years ago. The chart below highlights the five dates in the chart of the S&P500. While the last one is still unfolding we can already say that each of the five events was at least a swing top. And […]

This weekend’s Jupiter Ingress

The Jupiter ingress coming this weekend is the third since January 2009 . The last two coincided exactly (!) with important medium term highs (see yellow lines in chart below). So it appears to be justified to assume a high within the next few days!? The chart definitely suggests so, but extending the history reveals […]

about the start of the correction

The start of the current down move did not came out of the blue. In fact it came exactly with two significant astro signatures: The first first chart shows the 5 passes of the geocentric Oppostion of Saturn and Uranus between November 2008 and July 2010. In average each pass was followed by a 3 […]

S&P500 in March 2010: Bradley vs. Planetary Aspects

Stock Markets show new 5 weeks highs and the Bradley Siderograph indicates a turn – so do we have to sell now? The Bradley is just a composition of several planetary aspects. Hence it can be assumed that studying the isolated planetary aspects that occur these days could tell us a bit more about what […]

Next Bradley Date

There has been some confusion about the exact date of the next (this year’s high) Bradley turn date. I stated March 2nd while (highly appreciated) Amanita reports March 1st So what’s correct? Ok, first it does not really matter. Bradley is good but not such a great timer. However I applied the [PI] Bradley indicator […]

Simple TradeStation Strategy based on Planetary Indicators

PlanetaryIndicators can be used to create trading systems working on planetary data. For the beginning I show a simple one. In two weeks (Jan 24th) Sun will be Trine to Saturn. Visual investigation (with [PI] Planet Pair) showed that the event often comes with a temporary top in stock markets. So how can we verify […]

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