PlanetaryIndicators is a indicator package for TradeStation developed in cooperation with The package contains several indicators showing planetary lines, planetary aspects, ingresses, natal comparison charts, eclipses. It allows to filter planetary postions and is an easy way to test approaches written by experts, but also to develop own ideas.

Download PlanetaryIndicators for TradeStation

The embedded license manager allows a 30 days trial for free. (can be extended on request) A first version of the package for TS2000i can be downloaded here:

The main package has to be installed. The TS2000k version does not yet contain all indicators. The programming interface for own developments is included. Below you can find some example applications of the indicators.

Next Bradley Date

There has been some confusion about the exact date of the next (this year’s high) Bradley turn date. I stated March 2nd while (highly appreciated) Amanita reports March 1st So what’s correct? Ok, first it does not really matter. Bradley is good but not such a great timer. However I applied the [PI] Bradley indicator […]

Simple TradeStation Strategy based on Planetary Indicators

PlanetaryIndicators can be used to create trading systems working on planetary data. For the beginning I show a simple one. In two weeks (Jan 24th) Sun will be Trine to Saturn. Visual investigation (with [PI] Planet Pair) showed that the event often comes with a temporary top in stock markets. So how can we verify […]

New Version of Planetary Indicators Package for TradeStation

Finally I finished the new version of the planetary indicator package. Ok, it’s not really finished because there are still thousand things to add, to refine, to do… Anyway a new version can be found here and it comes with two major improvements First, the indicators are now ready for intraday usage. It’s possible now […]

S&P500 update Oct/11th 2009

Once again an example with just the @ES, the ephemeris lines, and this time with the aspect cluster indicator. Aspect cluster just sums up the interesting aspects for each day. When there is a peek it means something interesting could happen   Today the market hit the Uranus ephemeris line (dark red) again. The same […]

Indication of Planetary Retrograde Movement

The PlanetaryIndicators package allows to show periods of planetary retrograde movement either direct (using direct ephemeris) or as dedicated indicator. Retrograde means that a planet moves backward as seen from Earth. There are several theories that a planet turning retrograde (or back direct) has direct implication for markets. Probalby the most significant signature here is […]

EURUSD and heliocentric Bradley

Our old friend the Bradley Siderograph is also part of the Planetaryindicator package.  The chart shows the heliocentric default Bradley and the EUR/USD. Apperntly they’ve had good correlation. Interesting that next week will be the high of the year in the indicator. Does it mean EUR/USD will turn down for good? Applied Indicators: [PI] […]

Example: S&P500 Future (@ES) with geocentric Elements

At the end of the geocentric supercluster (10 important aspects) now we have 4 ingresses (Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury) within few days. Right now the @ES (as well as the INX) is at Jupiter line (yellow in the chart). Whatever happens now will have some significance. My guess is shown by the arrows.   Applied […]

EURUSD heliocentric basic analysis

The chart shows the heliocentric planetary ephemeris lines, the heliocentric ingresses in a separate window, and the heliocentric conjunctions in another window. What can been seen: the power of the green Saturn line (obvious), high with pluto ingress, low with Jupiter Ingress (1st) and Mars conj.  Jupiter (2nd). Still fighting with Jupiter/Neptune and Uranus […]

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