tsaddon_opd-150x62TradeStation is a powerful and professional platform for trading, for following the market, and for the development of indicators, tools and strategies. Tradestation’s programming language is EasyLanguage. I’ve been professional Tradestation Add-On developer for more than 10 years. Below you can find examples for my indicators and tools for Tradestation.



Tradestation indicator for Delta Phenomenon

In “The Delta Phenomenon” Welles Wilder described something he believes is the “hidden order in all markets”. Now 26 years later the idea has been published in a lot of books and papers, and is no secret anymoreBasically the idea is that market vibration repeats – Every 4 days (Short Term Delta), – Every 4 […]

Update: Adam Projection for TradeStation

Last year I posted the Adam Projection for Tradestation (see original posting). Since then I’ve made some minor modifications: fixed the  position of the first projected bar fixed some update problems in intraday and life-ticking charts added support for change of color You find the new version here: Adam Projection Indicator for TradeStation (ZIP, […]

New Version of astro lib for TradeStation

With this post I present a new version of the astro library for TradeStation. The new version allows to compute so many cool things around the planets, with much higher precision than previous version. I also updated the indicators for Ephemeris and Bradley. Most important changes (beside some fixes): [SOULY] Ephemeris: onexone is now called […]

Indication of Sun Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse in TradeStation

I became curious if Lunar and Sun Eclipses can be used as timing tool in the markets. The results are not as clear as I hoped – but let’s study it a bit closer. Here is the TradeStation indicator. It shows all Lunar and Sun Eclipses from 1901-2050 – as long as you have a […]

How to add future dates and gaps for weekends, holidays in TradeStation

One problem I’ve always had is that TS can perfectly show data and indications for everything what happened in history, but there is no convenient way to show predictions in the future. This is particulary annoying if it’s about astro-indications. Ok, now I found a way to extend the time axis of TS so that […]

Bradley Siderograph for Tradestation

The approach was introduced by Donald Bradley in 1948 in his book Stock Market Prediction — The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It”. The indicator draws the Bradley indication (Geocentric orignal formular) in your TradeStation chart (tested with TS2000i and TS8). The screen shot shows the Bradley Siderograph for the years 2007 and 2008 […]

Planet Ephemeris Data for TradeStation

I just finished a first version of the Planet Ephemeris Indicator for TradeStation. It is an early test version working with TS2000i and TS8  (click on the image for more detail) The indicator supports both geocentric and heliocentric representation of the 9 planets, Sun, Moon and the Galactic Center Installation: download the ZIP file […]

Adam Projection Indicator for TradeStation

This indicator draws the Adam Projection (Adam Price Reflection) in your TradeStation chart. The concept was instroduced in the book “The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters is Profit” By Welles Wilder Features: Projection can be drawn as line or full bars Works in every time frame (intraday, EoD) Realitime updates in live ticking […]

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