• S&P: Time for a Turn?

    A simple approach to use astro indicators is to wait for situations when several indicators deliver important signals at the same time – and then speculate for something important to happen.

    Often this ‘something’ is a turn in the markets. But one not forget about the option of a market breaking free.

    As shown in the chart below, some very importnat astro indicators delivering signals: first there are six active important inter-planet aspects; second, there are four planets having an ingress (that is changing signs), and third, Jupiter is turning retrograde. This all happens while the S&P500 price is in a cluster of planetary epheremis lines (direct projection modulo 180).


    This means we have a lot of firepower for important action in the market. With the Saturn line just ahead and slightly below the September high, the S&P looks quite vulnerable. This is supported by cycle analysis which indicates weakness throughout October – maybe I write more about it in the future. However, if the market breaks through the roof it’s easy to recognize and to react accordingly.

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