• EURUSD heliocentric basic analysis

    The chart shows the heliocentric planetary ephemeris lines, the heliocentric ingresses in a separate window, and the heliocentric conjunctions in another window.

    What can been seen: the power of the green Saturn line (obvious), high with pluto ingress, low with Jupiter Ingress (1st) and Mars conj. Â Jupiter (2nd). Still fighting with Jupiter/Neptune and Uranus lines. Next major event is Jupiter conj. Neptune in September.

    EURUSD heliocentric basic analysis; Aug 2009

    Indicators in detail:

    [PI]Â Ephemeris Chart, default parameters, but geocentric=false
    [PI] Planet Ingress, geocentric=false
    [PI] Planet Aspects, geocentric=false, Aspects=”0″

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