• Delta and the Inversion on 8

    Delta experts know that the cycle can only invert at the beginning or at end. The 12 point cycle I’ve been using for the S&P should only turn around the 1 (as it did this February).

    After that inversion all delta points in the cycles came quite in time. But with the 9 (actually already with the 8 ) everything changed. The 9 is a high (not a low), the 10 is a low, the 11 a high, and the 12 the low. Just look at the chart and follow the white dashed cycle indications. It seems the inversion of the 8 was required, wasn’t it? Anyway, it apears the current 1 doesn’t need to be inverted…

    S&P 500 with Delta and the Inversion on 8

    The chart was created with Tradestation and the [S09] DELTA indicator

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