• Update 10/2011

    After some time here are some charts, showing I’m still here and that the indicators work quite well in Tradestation 9. The charts show the current situation of the S&P500 ($INX).

    In the Delta chart we do not even need an adaptation of the Medium Time cycle (yellow areas in the chart). However, it seems we have an inversion in the ongoing IMT cycle:

    Delta October 2011

    Â This leaves me wondering what happens around Oct 10/12 (current 3 high in ITM cycle), because…

    The 4-year cycle (blue plot in following chart) shows the end of a two-month late summer upward correction for that date, and the start of a heavy down move.

    4 year cycle oct 2011

    Nice to see in the chart the bullish period from Fall 2010 to Spring 2011 – it apparently never fails. Regarding the predicted down move this October, the average plot is dominated by singular events such as Oct 1987, 1979, 2007 – often after important turning points.

    The Astro Indicators (chart below) show eight active planetary aspects for the previous weekend (blue bars in 2nd subchart in the following chart). It’s the highest number this year, same as July 7. This week’s low in S&P is two days late, but still in the area of influence. Same is true for the important Bradley low last week (red sub chart).The yellow Jupiter ephemeris line provides a lot of price support.

    Astro Indicators Oct 2011

    One of these planetary aspects is the Square between Mars and Jupiter. The following chart highlights the 90 degree aspects between the two planets in the last two years.

    Mars Jupiter 90

    Each event indicated an important turning point in the S&P.

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