• New Version of Planetary Indicators Package for TradeStation

    Finally I finished the new version of the planetary indicator package. Ok, it’s not really finished because there are still thousand things to add, to refine, to do…

    Anyway a new version can be found here and it comes with two major improvements

    First, the indicators are now ready for intraday usage. It’s possible now to see the aspects precise on the minute. And it’s amazing to see how often markets turn exactly on specific constellations.

    Second, forward projection is much easier now – and that without loss of precision. So if you want to see all important aspects coming in the next week, just add the indicator and add some space to the right. It also works on any chart from intraday to monthly

    Also a lot of new options are hidden in the indicators. I think I mentioned most of them in the manual at least. The manual is inside the installation package, but it can be downloaded separately.

    For download of the indicator package or the manual, just follow the –> LINK <–

    Intraday Planetary Lines and Aspect Filter for S&P Future

    The chart shows an example intraday planetary lines and aspects on the S&P Future for the last week of November. Apparently the planets do not care about holidays 🙂

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